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NB20 Beta Document!

Greyseer a posted Jul 23, 17  -  NB20netherbaneroleplayroll-play

As some of you out there know, we've been working on a (hopefully) lightweight RP system to help facilitate RP combat in World of Warcraft. It's called NB20, and it's meant to help mitigate the stalemates that can often happen during freeform RP combat while also adding some structure and customizability.

The current beta version of the document can be found below:


If you're interested in such a system, and if you don't already have one of your own, please download it and check it out!

So, on Thursday night, we had our first guild test of the NB20 RP Combat system! From feedback I've received, it went well in 1v1 situations, and everyone seemed to grasp it without trouble. We had some questions regarding baseline attribute values, but those were hopefully cleared up a little and some Netherbane-specific "templates" were established (see thread for update).

I'd like to continue testing this system for eventual growth outside of just the Netherbane, as I think it could be helpful to a lot of RPers who want to try combat, but aren't comfortable with freeform. Ultimately, I'd like it to take the form of a UI mod where all the rules are hidden behind the scenes. However, we'd need to hammer on them manually first.

If you have feedback about the session or the ruleset, please head over to the thread and leave some!

We’re still active! Most of our social activity has moved to our Discord. The forums, for the moment, serve as our RP log repository.
My in game name is Tharrisan.
I am unsure if you all are still active, But I have been an fan of your guild for years. I was just wandering if you are accepting new members. If you are active that is.
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Thank you Tris <3
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